Crochet braids styles 2020

Never fear! Although crochet braids can look incredibly real, they are all made of fake hair. To attach the fake hair, hair existing on the scalp is cornrowed all the way back, and the hair extensions are attached by using a crochet needle type device.

Those are the basics, but there are a lot of ways that this style can be used to achieve different looks. For this style, first attach the crochet fake braids, making sure to use darker brown for the underside of the hair, and then curl.

crochet braids styles 2020

Alternately, you can use pre curled hair. Voluminous Kinky Textured. The great thing about crochet hair is that you can play with it to make it as thick or thin as you want, depending on what looks best for your style, and what is easiest to maintain.

In this style, volume is the order of the day with the incorporation of copious amounts fake kinky textured hair. The tight spiral curls in this look are perfect for a girl looking for a more polished look. The afro in this dusky brown color is great for anyone looking for an alternative to the normal black hair used with crochet braids.

The kinky afro look is great for a low maintenance, but high volume style. Does it get any more chic than this cute afro that forms a lovely fringe above the eyes, almost like bangs? The purple hair color alternates light and dark, just like real hair would to create a visually appealing affect! Think purple was the only unique color on this list? Think again! Red is also a great choice for a girl who wants a style thats a little out of the box. Although the visible brown roots rather detract front the overall illusion, it might still be great for someone looking to experiment with a color without committing.

Try this alternative!

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The piled up volume in this style looks chic but put together at the same time. To get the effortless twisty look shown in this style, you need to put a bit of prep work in to getting that seamless afro crown. Twists are crocheted in, and then unraveled after a day to two. This look is great because it has great texture without being overly polished and uniform.

The varying length of the crocheted in hair that is used in this style gives the overall look a rounded frame that gives the hair an even more voluminous feel. Pro Tip: to keep these lovely and bouncy curls looking fresh every morning, use the pineappling method.

The smoothing properties of the silk and the positioning of the hair will ensure frizz free curls the following morning. Once all the faux locs hair has been crocheted in, flip hair upside down and use the twist up and pin sectioning method of a normal french twist to secure hair starting from the bottom up.

Stop when you have reached to about two inches above the ear, or wherever looks best for your hair. The key takeaway point I got from this style was the lovely way a small silk scarf or headband is used to flip all the hair back and secure it away from your face. While a lot of volume can be great for appearances, it might be rather hard to manage when doing physical activity, or even just on a windy day.

A cute silk scarf is a perfect way to secure the bulk of the hair back when dealing with copious volume from crocheted hair. You can even pull your bangs out of the headband for a more playful look. Bonus: you can match the scarf to the rest of your outfit for a cohesive look. Or am I just hungry? Reminiscent of the Coney Island fair girls of yore, this vintage inspired style is begging to come back to modern fashion.With crochet styles, your braider installs extensions into your cornrows using a special crochet instead of sewing them in, providing you with a fabulous looking hairstyle!

Layered Freetress Crochet Braid Hair. Inverted Short Crochet Styles. The beauty of crochet braids is that you can instantly get your perfect shape and length.

Just choose the right style for your face shape to look effortlessly fabulous. Loose Crochet Hair with Caramel Highlights. Look like a Cinnabon with highlights to die for. Styled in loose curls, it will absolutely bring out the confidence in your eyes.

Cute Crochet Curls with Ombre. This is for all the fans of defined ringlets and voluminous hair. With a proper haircut, this style will turn you into a whole new person! Straight Crochet Hair with a Side Part. A chic and traditional straight hairdo done in two parts.

The volume it brings is totally irresistible! Long Crochet Hair in a Ponytail. A super cute hairstyle that, thanks to the free-flowing strands, makes you look flirtatious. Side Part Crochet Freetress.

47 Ways You Never Thought of To Style Crochet Braids

A lightweight and all-around sexy style. Loc Braids with Curly Hair. So, here is one of the new crochet hair styles where you have both locs and loose curls in a bubbly mix.Crochet braids, also sometimes called latch hook braids. They are typically made from synthetic hair extensions looped through your natural hair braided into cornrows.

When you decide to take them out, you can wear your hair naturally. Crochet hair is beautiful not only in long lengths. This short and bouncy bob crop with a loose curl pattern is trendy and flattering.

crochet braids styles 2020

Look runway ready from the moment you awake! When you need a break from braids, short, curly, crochet hair is the best way to go.

Dress this hairstyle up with dangling earrings. Short shaggy layers and bangs create a super-cute rounded bob. Pair it with bold accessories or bright outfits to further translate its fun, carefree vibes. Dramatic, edgy waves can be achieved with marley hair or kanekalon hair.

This is one of the more unique crochet hairstyles thanks to its color and curvy waves. Its shorter length and rich auburn hue provide a gorgeous-looking style perfect for any event. Sew-ins are a great way to create cropped shapes as well. In this look, crochet hair takes the form of tiny braids worn loose and casual. Clip them back, or put them in a ponytail to switch things up.

While crochet is often used for full-head coverage, it can also be utilized to augment specific sections. On pixies with tapered sides, you can leave the sides and back natural, using crochet to add length up top. Match colors carefully for a believable blend. Want to make your curly bob unique? Is your style rather funky than classic?

Try the bold look with short layered 3-color coils. These corkscrews are reminiscent of dreadlocks, separating hair into defined pieces with a kinky texture. Contrasting tones add even more definition. Searching for something youthful and fun? This buoyant lob will do the trick. A corkscrew texture and an up-to-the-minute fringe are fashionable choices. Pictures can help you decide on your ideal length and texture.

Style your hair any way you want once your extensions are added. Here, crochet braids are pulled back and piled on top of the head to create a look fit for a queen. How to wash: use a tiny bit of shampoo on your scalp only, and rinse carefully. Crochet hair can be worn curly for a carefree, bohemian style.

These gorgeous crochet twist braids are modern and unique, demanding to be noticed and maybe touched—look out! When you want a more dressed-down style, pull them back into a ponytail, or even two. Corkscrew twist curls make an even bigger statement in a bright blonde hue.Crochet hairstyles are great protective styles that are ideal for giving your natural tresses a break. From crochet braids to loose shorter styles, we have compiled the most stylish crochet hair looks for every style and preference.

In this look, your natural hair is sectioned in two parts horizontally from ear to ear. The lower section is cornrowed and crocheted, while the upper half is drawn up into a bun with strategic extensions added to the bun to create this cute fluffy pony. In this look, go bold or go home with a bright orangish-red hue and tighter kinky coily curls. To keep it wearable, opt for a deep off-center part to create a bang effect. Mix dark brownish-black curly extensions with strawberry blonde additions to create visual interest.

But keep the curls intact to highlight the texture and turn heads. Marley hair is a huge trend, but doing traditional individual twists can be time-consuming.

Make life easier by installing those Marleys via crochet hair. Rather than leaving the extensions loose, twist them as you would with traditional twists to create that classic look in half the time.

Let everyone else stick to boring hair colors — you look better in this fantasy hue. Hair is installed as usual with a crochet look but is left loose.


Opt for extensions that are water wave to create those gorgeous curls. Leave the curl intact or gently use your fingers to create volume. No one said you need to do a full head of crochets to create a look this gorgeous. Nor do you even need to plait braids. To create the look, gather hair into a topknot and crochet extensions into the lower back of your hair, leaving the crown and temples open.

Crochet extensions through your topknot and finish by using a colorful string to create visual interest. Who says that you have to do a full head of crocheted extensions? And in this crochet hairstyle, hair is kept short but features a natural dark to light ombre effect.

Large curls are placed on an off-center part to create natural drama. Opt for a larger loose curl and a knotless crochet install to create a natural effect. To make it work, after installing, be sure to shape the style to create an even halo of curls. Who says that you have to have a full crochet hairstyle?

To make it as whimsical as possible, fantasy hues are placed throughout with a few blonde plaits for some variety. Corkscrew curls are always a do in our book. Crochet hairstyles are a great way to create a technical weave that allows for natural parting all over your head. Longer lengths are selected and then set on a curling wand to create intense volume.

crochet braids styles 2020

Opt for an off-center part to create drama. To create visual interest, the front hairline is left loose and set on large bantus and wrapped in the same matching extensions for continuity. We love the versatility that you can achieve with crochet hairstyles — especially when it comes to braided styles. Passion twists get an added oomph as a protective hairstyle when you install them using the crochet method. Here, this beauty has opted for a classic dark brown hair color but accented select twists with gold beads.

To recreate this look, opt for a kinky curly extension and create an off-center part. No one said that a crochet hairstyle has to fully cover your entire head.When it comes to protective hairstylescrochet-based styles like crochet braids or twists are one of the top go-to options for natural girls who want to give their tresses a break. Whether you have decided to DIY or go to the salon to get your next protective style, these images of crochet braids and twists are here to inspire for your new look!

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This beauty looks amazing, with classic box braids set on a cornrow base. Perfect for summer! This is a great and simple option that requires simply braiding your natural hair in a classic cornrow pattern before feeding in the box braids.

For the full effect, go long and keep braids to a medium length. Here we love how the locks transition into loose curly ends and also feature an ombre effect from medium brown to brown-black and back to medium brown.

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Here this beauty is rocking some serious length with her crochet braids. After cornrowing your natural hair, crochet as normal and braid the extensions to half-length. Set on curlers or twist before dipping in hot water to finish the style. Protective hairstyles give you the freedom to play with color and texture without risking damage to your natural tresses. Leave ends loose for a bit of playfulness.

Get the look by choosing a mix of black and cinnamon brown braiding hair.

Crochet Braids Short Styles

After cornrowing your hair, begin adding the extensions using the double-twist method needed to create Senegalese twists. Crochet braids are a great choice if you want to go for jumbo box braids but are concerned about putting too much stress on your hair. Here, this beauty is rocking larger braids that have been crocheted in a cool honey blonde hue.

Create visual interest by adding strategic accent strings onto select braids. To make this your own, opt for dark black or brown-black extensions and use colorful string to accent a few strategic locs to create visual interest. Crochet braids are a smart choice that is always in style. Here, this beauty has opted for jumbo braids and accented them with silver and gold string for a bohemian vibe. Cornrow your base as usual and install the locs. To make this your own, braid your natural hair down as normal in cornrows.

Then opt for bold gray hair in a deep wave pattern and only braid to the mid-length while leaving the ends loose. Either synthetic or human hair can be used. This crochet locs style is breathtaking, as smooth and glistening locks transition into gorgeous ringlets.

Crochet twists get a lot more fun when you play with color. To copy this look, braid your hair down into cornrows and then follow the double-twisting technique after looping in the extensions to create these Senegalese twists.

Passion twists are all the rage, but make it easier by creating it with crochet twists.

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Crochet hairstyles make getting locs and taking them out! Here, this beauty is rocking a classic look with medium-width faux locs. So, the locs at her perimeter look like individuals, while the remainder is installed using the classic crochet method. Create a bit of visual interest with your faux locs by working in a bit of color. This beauty opted for a primarily natural dark brown hue but then added in a few strategic locs that are cinnamon-brown for variety.

The locs are left slightly rough at the roots to create a more authentic image. Who says that crochet braids need to be fully braided? The results? She opted for a salt and pepper effect, proving that you can embrace your grays. To keep it fun, she added gold accents throughout her locs. Crochet hairstyles give you the freedom to play with color while avoiding all the regret you might have from over-processing or picking a hair color that you end up not liking on your real hair.And there are countless trendy short hairstyles for superb hair that may simply build stunning volume on anybody with one of these hair.

Crochet Braids Short Styles Typically, quick hairstyles for high quality hair will likely be easier to style than lengthy hairstyles for thick hair, but there are variations between the styles. From layered bobs to playful curls, there are tons of the way to attain larger, more voluminous seems and generate an phantasm of fullness. So, with out further ado, here are 50 awesome brief hairstyles for positive hair that will make your hair look completely beautiful! Pixie with Nape Undercut.

You probably have fine darkish hair, jazz it up with some blonde highlights so as to add dimension and make it look fuller. You probably have high quality darkish hair, jazz it up with some blonde highlights to add dimension and make it look fuller. The attraction of a tomboy coiffure is obvious — not solely is it easy to keep up however it additionally seems to be past cool!

Are you looking to cut down your styling time? Go for this quick pixie minimize with cropped bangs. Crochet Braids Short Styles If your hair is ok, smooth and straight, this elegant undercut hairstyle will be right up your road!

Not a fan of choppy, bold layering? Go for mushy, wispy layers to create a gradual change within the length and a softer, smoother look. Elegant, modern, and flattering — this blunt blonde bob gets prime scores!Want a natural-looking, protective hairstyle for your black hair while still looking stylish?

Crochet bob with braids is stunning and trending! Bob crochet braids are the safe haven of hair for when you want to give your hair some time out. You can easily wear on a daily basis and still look fabulous. The spiraling curls channel your inner free spirit giving you a confident, happy look. However, many women find it difficult to style such a cut. Crochet hair usually involves linking synthetic hair extensions with natural hair using crochet needle type hair tools. If you like being able to have the option of adding fun accessories to your hairstyle but also like the idea of a simple style, then a crochet bob is for you.

Give them a try to experience this unique style for yourself. This bob hairstyle is a combination of natural curls and faux locs.

Crochet Braid Styles

Gold and silver beads interspersed add a little sparkle to the side part style. If your hair is thin, a crochet hairstyle can add a bit of thickness. This caramel-colored fluffy bob is just full of curls and the side part lines up right over the eye for a nice angle of dimension. Box braids with some curl is how we like to see bobs. Whether you have a professional job or something more laid back, this look is perfect and versatile for anything.

A curly crochet bob with height is always a favorite. Golden highlights give a crochet twisted bob a warm glow. The uneven layers are a little boho and a lot relaxed but also completely easily dressed up or down for any occasion.

These gorgeous twists are rich with moisture so your hair will stay protected and shiny. Singer Jennifer Hudson once rocked this chic crochet bob with bangs. Short layers all over give much need shape to a thick hairstyle while shaggy bangs come past eyebrows and are a little flirty. Channel the 90s vibes with this super unique crochet bob box braids style that is worth the time spent creating them.

50 Gorgeous Crochet Hair Styles and Braids

You can buy pre-made versions or you can invest some time into doing them yourself. Either way, rest assured, they will look amazing! Ideal for: The style is a safe place to start if you like your hair neat and orderly.

The sophisticated look keeps your hair in place while giving you an instantly new vibe. Perfect for the workplace as well as everyday wear, it is a no-nonsense style that I worth the time spent in creating it.

How to style: Start with freshly shampooed hair. Make tight braids, sectioning the hair, bit by bit. Remember to not let the braid lose as it will clash with the style. The hours will be worth it! This crochet braids style for curly hair is a super cute look that will give you that summery vibe.

The pretty curls interlaced with your own hair will give you that all-natural look as well as up your style game. Ideal for: The look works for most women but is perfect for the diamond and triangle face cuts.

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The woven braids give an all-natural look as they are interlaced finely into place. The style is easy to carry every day and will change your appearance instantly. Fall in love with this modern bob crotchet braids hairstyle. The braid is a twist rather than the conventional three-way style.

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